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All graduates holding John Jay degrees are automatically members of the Alumni Association and may order mini–diploma alumni cards by mail.  Each mini-diploma card is accompanied by — and features on its face — an exact replica of your official diploma!  Members of each graduating class receive a complimentary mini-diploma inside the large envelope containing your official diploma.  If you have lost your mini-diploma and would like to order a replaced, follow the steps below.

To Obtain a Mini-Diploma

  • Please download and follow the application instructions.
    Enclose with your application a $30 fee, using a check or money order payable to “John Jay College.” You may use cash only if paying in person in the Bursar’s Office.  (No credit cards please.)
  • Applications are processed approximately 4-6 weeks from receipt.  The name and student ID information on your application must match the student information on file when you attended the College. If your name was changed legally after graduation,  please send a  Change of Name application as well.

If you have other questions about mini-diploma cards, please Thank you.