In the Media

In the Media

“The Immigrant Student Success Center allows immigrant students to have a space to congregate, to share, to gain some information about their status, and how to navigate their status.”
—Cynthia Nayeli Carvajal , Manager of John Jay ’s Immigrant Student Success Center, sharing thoughts on the new Center on Spectrum NY1 News

“They have a safe place to know that they are welcomed here at John Jay. Because they are our future leaders.”
— Karol V. Mason, President John Jay College of Criminal Justice, commenting on the new Immigrant Student Success Center on Spectrum NY1 News

“Once I got past feeling ashamed of where I’ve lived or feeling ashamed of what I’ve witnessed growing up, it was easy for me to actually write it on paper and share that with other people.”
— Shauchiela Vieira, ’19 John Jay student, speaking about emigratin g to New York City and living in her fat her’s pawn shop on URBAN U on CUNY-TV

“People who have been through similar things often derive a lot of support from speaking to someone else who has understood their experience. Many of them have become advocates. I think it can give people a purpose and a meaning in their life and it can help people make sense of a completely horrific kind of experience that does not make sense in any other context.”
—Michele Galietta , Associate Professor of Psychology, discussing childhood abduction on ABC News Nightline

“Our hope is that by prioritizing the voices of people who have experienced these tragedies, we can cultivate a culture of transparency in prosecutors’ offices and police department around the country. That requires additional training but it also requires the willingness to open up to input and have an onging dialogue.”
—Lucy Lang, Executive Director Institute for Innovation in Prosecution, on their new toolkit aiming to reduce officer-involved fatalities which was mentioned in the New York Daily News

“The point of a body cam is to help relations between the police department and the public, help show that police activities are open and transparent. We have to look at this as a balancing act and figure out what the right way is to release videos without compromising the officers or law enforcement operations.”
— Adam Scott Wandt, Professor of Public Management, commenting on NYPD body camera footage on FOX 5 NY

“Twelve black people for every one white person in the upstate cities, and 11 for the rest of the state. Thinking through, either at the state level or locally, how do we deal with that [disparity]? Do we continue to criminalize it? Does it become a civil citation?”
— Preeti Chauhan, Director of the Data Collaborative for Justice, discussing a report on the rate of marijuana possession arrests on WCBS Newsradio 880