Supporting Veterans

Supporting Veterans

When David Bezzant, Senior National Director for T-Mobile Public Sector, talks about our country’s military personnel and veterans, there’s a strong mix of respect and responsibility in all of his words—a sense that these brave men and women deserve not only our thanks, but also our resources. “You can’t ask the men and women of the U.S. Military to serve our country, and protect our freedoms, and not find a way to protect their freedoms and promise them something in return,” says Bezzant. “Giving back to veterans’ education and career success has the potential to create a first generation college graduate, or continue a long tradition of higher education success among our nation’s heroes.” The T-Mobile Graduation Award for Veteran Scholars recognizes and supports an undergraduate and a graduate student who has or is providing military service to the United States of America, while also achieving academic excellence at John Jay. The scholarship has reached a wide array of students, helping them to fulfill their career dreams as a result. “All the men and women of the U.S. Military are heroes to us at T-Mobile,” says Bezzant. “Veterans represent the best and brightest of our future. We’re honored to salute them back with real action and support.”

“Veterans represent the best and brightest of
our future. We’re honored to salute them back
with real action and support.” —David Bezzant, T-Mobile

“You’re not just investing in an academic experience—
you’re investing in someone’s personal growth.” —Rossana Rosado, New York Secretary of State

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