Inspired to Give

Inspired to Give

Inspired to Give
Since its founding in 1964, John Jay College has been providing outstanding educational opportunities to students from all walks of life and from every part of the globe. It is thanks to the commitment and generosity of the College’s alumni, friends and supporters that future generations of students are able to continue maximizing the considerable benefits they derive from a John Jay education.

As chairman of the John Jay College Foundation—and a proud donor to the College—I salute each and every one of you for your willingness to lead by example, and for making it possible for John Jay to build on its well-earned international reputation in Educating for Justice.

John Jay College Foundation Board of Trustees

Champions of Justice Scholarship Recipients
Champions of Justice Scholarship Recipients
Youth Justice Leaders
Pinkerton Fellowship Recipients

Youth Justice Leaders

For six years, the Pinkerton Fellowship Initiative has been providing critical funding for John Jay undergraduates and graduate students working in nonprofit youth justice programs throughout New York City. Their involvement in these programs—such as alternatives to incarceration, post-prison reentry and mentoring—gives students a better insight into the criminal justice system, while also assisting the city’s most vulnerable young people. “At your host site you learn so much, so fast,” says Pinkerton Graduate Fellow, Jessica Gaskin. “And once you’re actually involved in the work, it gives you a totally different lens on youth justice.” Administered by the Prisoner Reentry Institute (PRI), the Pinkerton fellowships provide a unique combination of intensive experiential learning and complimentary practicum courses. This ensures that each student bridges theory with practice, and is fully prepared for leadership positions within the field. Deepening their commitment to John Jay and New York’s often-underfunded youth justice programs, The Pinkerton Foundation announced a grant of $3.8 million to John Jay College of Criminal Justice for continued support of the College’s Pinkerton Fellowship Initiative. Currently, John Jay students have provided 70,000 hours of service to these transformative youth justice programs. With this new grant, payable over five years, the Initiative’s goal is to provide 177,000 hours of service by the end of 2020.

“I hope this scholarship provides an opportunity for a
deserving young person to accomplish their dream
of acquiring an education in Forensic Science.” —Pauley Perrette


Pauley Perrette
Pauley Perrette as “Abby Sciuto”

Forensic Fan Favorite
On the hit show NCIS Pauley Perrette, who studied at John Jay College herself, plays a quirky, crime-solving forensic scientist named “Abby Sciuto.” In every episode “Abby” uses cutting-edge technology to help solve
U.S. Navy criminal investigations—a career path many of our students aspire to reach. Thinking back to her time at John Jay, Perrette established the Pauley Perrette Forensic Science Scholarship to help support John Jay undergraduate students that traditionally have been underrepresented in Forensic Science. “I wanted to set up the scholarship in honor of the
impact my NCIS character ‘Abby’ has had around the world, over the last 15 years,” says Perrette. The groundbreaking character made Perrette one of the most popular actresses on primetime television, and motivated thousands of young women to pursue careers in math and science. “I hope this scholarship provides an opportunity for a deserving young person to accomplish their dream of acquiring an education in Forensic Science,” says Perrette. And with her help, more real-life versions of “Abby” will have the opportunity to make a difference in our criminal justice system.

T-Mobile-David Bezzant
T-Mobile’s David Bezzant

Supporting Veterans
When David Bezzant, Senior National Director for T-Mobile Public Sector, talks about our country’s military personnel and veterans, there’s a strong mix of respect and responsibility in all of his words—a sense that these brave men and women deserve not only our thanks, but also our resources. “You can’t ask the men and women of the U.S. Military to serve our country, and protect our freedoms, and not find a way to protect their freedoms and promise them something in return,” says Bezzant. “Giving back to veterans’ education
and career success has the potential to create a first generation college graduate, or continue a long tradition of higher education success among our nation’s heroes.” The T-Mobile Graduation Award for Veteran Scholars recognizes and supports an undergraduate and a graduate student who has or is providing military service to the United States of America, while also achieving academic excellence at John Jay. The scholarship has reached a wide array of students, helping them to fulfill their career dreams as a result. “All the men and women of the U.S. Military are heroes to us at T-Mobile,” says Bezzant. “Veterans represent the best and brightest of our future. We’re honored to salute them back with real action and support.”

“Veterans represent the best and brightest of
our future. We’re honored to salute them back
with real action and support.” —David Bezzant, T-Mobile

“You’re not just investing in an academic experience—
you’re investing in someone’s personal growth.” —Rossana Rosado, New York Secretary of State

Rossana Rosado
Rossana Rosado
Rossana Rosado Fellows
This year’s Rossana Rosado Fellows with President Karol V. Mason (center), Lynn Kroll (second from left), Jules Kroll (center, back), Professor José Luis Morín (center, right), and Program Coordinator Michelle López (far right)

Creating Career Connections
The Rossana Rosado Fellowship, named after the current New York Secretary of State and the first woman to serve as Editor and Publisher of the largest Spanish-language newspaper, provides students with a pathway to career success through funded internships and focused mentorship. “For many students this expands their circle of influence from just their family and teachers, to real professionals in the world,” says Rosado. When thinking about the Fellowship on a deeper level, Rosado points out the
positive “ripple effect” it has on the community at large. Once most professionals become entrenched in their careers, they tend not to interact with students. But a natural byproduct of this Fellowship is that it helps those professionals reconnect with their past. “It reminds you who you were back then, and it brings out your own strengths and shows you all the ways you can offer help.” Rosado believes that the impact of this Fellowship—which is underwritten through a generous donation from John Jay College Foundation Chair, Jules Kroll—has infinite possibilities. “You’re not just investing in an academic experience—you’re investing in someone’s personal growth. That vote of confidence lasts a lifetime.”


“There are a lot of young people out there like me—
especially those of color—that need all the help they can get.”
—Linda Reynolds, the country’s first black female Chief Deputy Sheriff

Linda Reynolds

Remembering September 11th
There’s a personal story behind Linda Reynolds’ (M.A.’80) continued support to sponsor John Jay’s paid internships for the Center on Terrorism. During 9/11 she was the Chief Deputy Sheriff of New York City. “It was total chaos down there—digging through rubble, seeing if you could find any survivors,” says Reynolds. It’s an experience that’s forever fixed in her memory, giving Reynolds a firsthand understanding of why terrorism study is so important.
Knowing that her own education would not have been possible without scholarships, Reynolds is more than happy to give back to John Jay—with 16 years of consistent giving, totaling $13,040. “Because of John Jay, I became the first black female Chief Deputy Sheriff in the country,” says Reynolds. “There are a lot of young people out there like me—especially those of color—that need all the help they can get. And with their work in terrorism study, we can make our security better and avoid another disastrous event.”


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