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Together, we’ve raised $1,045,000 for John Jay Honors students. Your generosity will not only support our students’ pursuit of a life-changing college education, it will send them on a special journey to Montgomery, Alabama to be a part of the ongoing fight for justice, equality and freedom.

Tonight, you have launched a generation of talented young people toward their dreams.

Thank you for being the best part of our evening.

We look forward to seeing you next year.

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rosieorengoRecognized as an Outstanding New York City Teacher

When Rosario Orengo enrolled in John Jay in the fall of 1995, she was sure she would graduate with a degree in Forensic Psychology and become an FBI investigator—just like the fictional character “Clarice Starling” in the thriller Silence of the Lambs. But soon after starting the program, she realized it wasn’t like what she’d seen in the movies. She went back to her high school to meet with her social studies teacher, who encouraged her to study government instead and to eventually pursue her Master of Education.

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